Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the nearest Burlington Books office to my school?
A: Click here for a list of all Burlington Books offices in Spain.

Q: What are the opening hours of the Burlington Books offices?
A: Mon-Thur: 08:30-17:00; Fri: 08:30-14:30

Q: How can I get advice on Burlington Books?
A: Call your nearest Burlington Books office and one of our telephone consultants will assist you. They will be able to arrange for our local representative to visit your school at a time convenient to you. Click here for a list of all Burlington Books offices in Spain and their addresses.

Q: How do I access a Burlington Books digital book?
A: Our digital books are accessed from this website. Click here for information on where the digital books are located on the site and how to download and install them (for both Windows and Linux users).

Q: How can I receive free samples of Burlington Books publications?
A: Simply tell us the levels you teach and what sort of book you are looking for, and we will send you free inspection copies of the most appropriate titles.

Q: Are there any restrictions on free samples?
A: There are some components that, due to their high cost, are restricted to Burlington Books users only. These include certain teacher’s resource materials, DVDs, flashcards, puppets, poster packs and similar components.

Q: Can I buy books directly from Burlington Books?
A: In general, all our materials are sold through the main book distributors of Spain and you can obtain them from your local bookshop. However, if your school is interested in opening a direct account, please feel free to contact your nearest office for more information.

Q: What should I do if I have materials that I would like to publish?
A: You can submit proposals to the e-mail address
or by post to:
    Burlington Books
    Departamento Editorial
    C/ La Pelaya, 6
    Pol. Ind. Río de Janeiro
    28110 Algete (Madrid)