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Activities: grammar, vocabulary and culture activities + quizzes
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Internet-based Activities

Unit 1: In the UK
Activity: Get directions from A to B. Then explain the route.
Activity: Choose three countries. Describe each flag (colours, shapes, elements, etc.) and compare them. Finally, state which one you prefer and explain why.

Unit 2: Having Fun
Activity: Imagine you are going to visit the London Eye with your school. Plan your trip and provide details. Check opening dates and times, fees for groups, situation of the attraction in the city, how to reach it and duration of the activity. Explain in a short composition.

Unit 3: Taste of Britain
Activity: Select one of these categories (Traditional Food, Afternoon Tea and High Tea, Puddings, Desserts, etc.). Read the information and write a short composition about British food. Also include the meal times and compare to the meal times in your country, as well as in your family house.

Unit 4: Getting Around
Activity: Imagine you are shopping along Oxford Street. Which are your favourite shops there? What would you buy? Compare them to a busy commercial street in your town and state how are they similar or different.

Unit 5: Today’s Sports
Activity: Read the 'About the Sport' section. Can you explain how lacrosse arrived in the UK for the first time? What are its origins? Had you ever heard about the sport? Is it played in your school or country?

Unit 6: Our World
Activity: Choose a location in the UK and check the weather conditions for the next five days. Comment on general conditions, maximum and minimum temperatures, wind, visibility, pollution, etc. Is it the same weather where you live?

Unit 7: I Love Music!
Activity: Choose a famous band or artist from 'Tribute to Search' or 'Search by Band Name' and find their tribute band. Comment on the name, location and description of their music and show. Have you ever heard of any cover band? Who is your favourite music band? Do they have a tribute band?

Unit 9: Summer Holidays
Activity: Go to the 'Top 10 Travel Destinations' section. Choose your favourite destination, find out where to go and what to do this season. Write a short text about what to do there, the weather, food, currency, etc.