Advanced Real English
Achieving Excellence in English

Rapid progression towards communication
Advanced Real English is a challenging course for high-level secondary students who aim to reach level B1 of CEF or take the KET and PET examinations. The course provides exam practice while improving all communication skills through cognitively challenging language tasks.

Development of cultural and world knowledge
Advanced Real English introduces texts and topics that are carefully chosen to integrate content from other subject areas (CLIL) and introduces students to many cultural aspects of the English-speaking world.

Best multimedia and teacher support materials available
The Teacher's Manual and All-in-One Pack offer over 200 pages of additional teaching resources. The unique Digital Teacher's Pack provides digital resources for working with PCs and interactive whiteboards.

Burlington Digital Books
Fully interactive digital editions of the Student's Book, Workbook and Language Builder are available for teachers working with a whiteboard. Burlington's unique hybrid software enables working both online and offline.

Website support
Unit-by-unit web extra activities, extra resources, games, links and MP3 recordings are available in the Student's Zone and Teacher's Zone.

Components for the student

  • Student's Book including Advance Your Exam Skills section for extensive practice of KET and PET-type exercises, and an extra culture and cross-curricular magazine for more extended reading
  • Two-in-One Workbook and Language Builder
  • Unit-by-unit Website Activities in the Student's Zone (also available in multirom format on request)

Components for the teacher

  • Teacher's Manual (interleaved with Student's Book)
  • Teacher's All-in-One Pack
  • Digital Teacher's Pack containing the following digital materials for each level:
  • - Interactive Whiteboard Digital Books with fully interactive Student's Book, Workbook and Langauge Builder + Burlington's unique online/offfline hybrid software
    - Burlington ESO Culture Bank with cultural and cross-curricular screens and quizzes
    - Test Factory and Other Resources with all the material from the Teacher's All-in-One Pack in editable Word format
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Welcome to Britain DVD (ESO 1-4)
  • Extra teacher's resources in the Teacher's Zone
All teacher's materials are FREE for Burlington users.

Spanish, Catalan and Galician booklets available in the Student's Zone

Sample Material