Natural Science ESO 1
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Website Suggestions

From Unit 1, page 3
Life Processes (BBC)
Life Processes (Oxford University Museum of Natural History)

From Unit 1, page 5
Cell Differences
EXTRA: Have a look "Inside a cell". Click on an organelle to zoom in and explore that cell part. Then turn the cell into a plant cell and learn about its unique parts.

From Unit 1, page 7
Discover Life
Encyclopedia of Life

From Unit 2, page 11
Animal Classes

From Unit 2, page 13
Animal Characteristics Game

From Unit 2, page 15
Interactive Venn Diagram
Invertebrates vs Vertebrates

From Unit 3, page 19
EXTRA: Read about "Humans and Plants" and answer the questions below.
1. What made it possible for humans to remain living in one place?
2. How will "genetic alteration" change our crops?
3. What are two examples of medicine that man gets from plants?
4. How are plant materials used in buildings?

From Unit 3, page 21
Vegetables and Plant Parts
Plant Parts
EXTRA: Click on the parts of the flower and drag them into the correct boxes. Then click on the magnifying glasses to read about each flower part.

From Unit 3, page 23
Dichotomous Tree Key
Make a Dichotomous Key
ID a Tree

From Unit 4, page 27
IPAC Kids' Zone (NASA)

From Unit 4, page 29
Earth, Sun and Moon Quiz

From Unit 4, page 31
Lunar Eclipses for Beginners
Solar Eclipses
Lunar Eclipses

From Unit 5, page 35
The Atmosphere

From Unit 5, page 37
The Interior of the Earth
EXTRA: Click here to solve the mystery of the floating rock.
Then read here about how other rocks are formed.

From Unit 5, page 39
Water Cycle Diagram
The Water Cycle (EPA)
The Water Cycle (Sweetwater Authority)

From Unit 6, page 43
The Periodic Table

From Unit 6, page 45
States of Matter

From Unit 6, page 47
States of Matter (Chem4Kids)
Properties of Matter