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Activities: grammar, vocabulary and culture activities + quizzes
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Internt-based Activities

Unit 1: Working Today
Activity: Read Dominic’s interview. Then answer the following questions:
1. How did Dominic first come up with the idea of selling scooters?
2. What did he do to make his company popular?
3. Was being a young student a problem or an advantage?
4. What is Dominic's opinion on university?
5. What could the government do to support young entrepeneurs according to Dominic?

Unit 2: Family Ties
Activity: Read the article. Then write down three shared characteristics between the Jim Twins and three differences between them. Do you think it is a case of coincidence or genetic predetermination? Then, choose from the website another case of identical twins who were raised apart, and comment on similarities and differences between them.

Unit 3: Animal Lovers
Activity: Choose three areas of the Animal Farm and explain how each one of them works (life cycle, dietary facts, unique characteristics, etc.).

Unit 5: Superheroes
Activity: Choose two superheroes, review and compare them. Analyse their physical charasteristics, biography and super powers. Finally, compare them and state which is your favourite. Also, go to the list of Super Powers. If you had to choose one, which one would it be? What would you do with it?

Unit 6: Luck
Activity: Read the information on the history of lotteries. Then answer the following questions:
1. What is a lottery?
2. Where did it start?
3. What was the first European lottery?
4. What kind of prizes can be given away?
5. Who runs the lotteries?

Unit 7: Food Power
Activity: Choose three different types of food and explain their origins, what they are made of, where they were invented (or discovered) and if you think the invention (or discovery) has succeeded through the years.

Unit 9: Legends
Activity: Read the information about the legend of the Holy Grail. Explain where the tradition comes from, what different names it has had over the years, and its ancient origins.