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Bachillerato 1 Activities: Grammar, vocabulary and listening activities
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Other Useful Material

Grammar Appendix - English
Student's Book Appendices - Basque
Student's Book Appendices - Galician

Internet Links

Unit 1: People
Handwriting Trait Dictionary
Your Handwriting: What Does It Tell About You?
Chinese Astrology

Unit 2: Travel
Lonely Planet
Language for Travelers
Tourist Information UK

Unit 3: Sport
Parkour (Youtube)
Parkour (Wikipedia)
Laila Ali

Bridge to History
The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela (PBS)

Unit 4: The Environment
Green Quiz
Freedom Ship
Artificial Trees: A Green Solution? (BBC News)
Hybrid Cars

Unit 5: Communication
So, What's This Globish Revolution? (Guardian)
Globish Cuts English Down to Size (Times)
Esperanto: Frequently Asked Questions

Bridge to Literature
Saki Quotes
H.H. Monro (Saki): Biography and Works

Unit 7: Technology
Teen Second Life
BBC Launches 'Second Life for Kids' (Guardian)

Unit 8: Film
Movie Reviews (BBC)
Zlata's Diary: Book Review

Unit 9: The News
Student Connections (New York Times)
NewsHour Extra (PBS)
You Witness News (Yahoo!)
iReport (CNN)