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Bachillerato 2 Activities: Grammar, vocabulary and listening activities
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Other Useful Material

Student's Book Appendices - Basque
Student's Book Appendices - Galician
Crossword Puzzles

Internet Links

Unit 1: Are You Mobile?
Mobile Phone Addiction Threatens Teen Health
Texting While Driving? U R So Busted! (MSNBC)

Unit 2: Remember When ...
Schools 1900-1950 (Museum of London)
Schools 1950-2000 (Museum of London)
Should Corporal Punishment Return to the Classroom? (BBC News)
Deanesfield Primary School: School Punishment Book 1954-60

Unit 3: Crazy English
China Today: Li Yang Crazy for English
Crazy English (Wikipedia)
English is a Crazy Language (English-Zone)

Unit 4: Food for Thought
Obesity in Children
Health (BBC)
Diet Control Kept My Children Healthy (BBC News)

Unit 5: Music Mania
New Kids on The Block (Wikipedia)
Backstreet Boys (Wikipedia)
The Lost Boys: How a Pop Sensation Came Undone (New York Times)
Britpop: Where Are They Now? (BBC News)

Unit 6: Making Choices
Monster: Your Calling is Calling
What Career Will Suit Your Personality? - Quiz
Career Descriptions