Natural Science ESO 2
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Website Suggestions

From Unit 1, page 3
The Digestive Systems of Animals
Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores

From Unit 1, page 5
The Respiratory System
Airflow in Birds
Snake Respiratory System Anatomy

From Unit 1, page 7
Photosynthetic Protists

From Unit 2, page 11
Tropisms and Auxin Experiment (BBC)

From Unit 2, page 13
Amazing Animal Senses (Neuroscience for Kids)
Amazing Animal Senses

From Unit 2, page 15
Types of Reproduction

From Unit 3, page 19
Adaptation of Antarctic Plants and Animals

From Unit 3, page 21
Chain Reaction Game
The Food Chain Game
Food Chains Game (BBC)

From Unit 3, page 23
Fresh Water Ecosystems
The World's Biomes
Aquatic Ecosystems
Food Web Diagram of Aquatic Ecosystems

From Unit 4, page 27
The Continental Jigsaw Puzzle
Plate Tectonics

From Unit 4, page 29
Significant Earthquakes
Earthquake Safety Tips (National Geographic)
The Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety

From Unit 4, page 31
Vocano Explorer
This Dynamic Planet

From Unit 5, page 35
Science Projects for Kids: Chemical Reactions
Science Experiments for Kids: Vinegar Volcano

From Unit 5, page 37
Fun Facts About Saving Energy
How You Can Save Energy
Saving Energy

From Unit 5, page 39
History of Energy
Famous Scientists

From Unit 6, page 43
Are Heat and Temperature the Same?
Heat and Temperature Labs (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

From Unit 6, page 45
How the Eye Works

From Unit 6, page 47
How Animals See the World
Animals That Can See Infrared Light
Why Do Some Organisms Glow
How Bioluminescence Works
Ultrasound Emitting Animals
Ultrasonic Frogs