English for You! 1
Audio Material

Each unit includes MP3 recordings of the photostory, skills text, culture text and dialogue.

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Website Activities

Activities: grammar and vocabulary activities + reading texts and dialogues with karaoke
Note: The activities may take some time to download - please be patient!
Windows: After downloading, double-click the file and then click "Run". A shortcut named "English For You 1" will appear on your desktop. Double-click it to open the activities.
Linux: After downloading, right-click the file and select "Open with 'Wine Program Loader'". Two icons will appear on your desktop. You can trash the "lnk" icon. Double-click the "desktop" icon and then click "Mark as Trusted". The icon will change its name to "English For You 1". Double-click it to open the activities.

Internet-based Activities

Unit 1: Texting
Activity: Create a new short text with abbreviations and smiles from the website.

Unit 2: Film Extras
Activity: Read the information and answer the following questions: What is a film extra? What does he/she do? What does he/she have to do to get work? What kind of films use extras? What is a casting? What is a cameo? Do you know any famous actors that worked as extras at the beginning of their careers? Give examples.

Unit 3: Clothes from the Stars
Activity: What kind of website is this? What do they sell? Where is the company situated? Select three famous actors or actresses and choose one object from each one. Describe the object. Is it cheap or expensive?

Unit 5: Who's in the House?
Activity: Select one insect that you like (spiders, bugs, butterflies, etc.) and write five facts about it. Use the pictures to help you describe the insect.

Unit 6: Places to Visit
Activity: Make a list of 10 European countries and their capitals. Then, find what the official language is, describe the national flag and explain where the country is located in Europe.

Unit 7: The Original Madame Tussaud
Activity: Visit every section of the museum and do the following tasks:
1. Name are the different sections you can find at the museum.
2. Name 10 famous people that you can see there.
3. How many of this kind of museum are there in the world? Name them.

Unit 8: The Wreck of the TItan
Activity: Read the text and then 'Enter the Exhibit'. Answer the following questions: What happened to the Titanic? When did it happen? Where? How many people died? Where were they from? Where were they going? What was the captain’s name? When did they discover the wreck of the ship? Have you seen any film about it?

Unit 9: Camp Beaumont
Activity: Go to the Activities list. Then select a list of 10 activities you would like to do on a summer camp. Also, select five evening entertainment activities. Finally, write a short daily plan and timetable including every activity you chose.