English for You! 2
Audio Material

Each unit includes MP3 recordings of the photostory, skills text, culture text and dialogue.

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Website Activities

Activities: grammar and vocabulary activities + reading texts and dialogues with karaoke
Note: The activities may take some time to download - please be patient!
Windows: After downloading, double-click the file and then click "Run". A shortcut named "EnglishForYou2" will appear on your desktop. Double-click it to open the activities.
Linux: After downloading, right-click the file and select "Open with 'Wine Program Loader'". Two icons will appear on your desktop. You can trash the "lnk" icon. Double-click the "desktop" icon and then click "Mark as Trusted". The icon will change its name to "EnglishForYou2". Double-click it to open the activities.

Internet-based Activities

Unit 1: The Three Musketeers
Activity: Read the information and answer the following questions: What was the original title? What are the names of the musketeers of the title? Did Dumas write a continuation to the novel? Which book did Dumas base his work on? What time period is the novel set in?

Unit 2: The Harry Potter Effect
Activity: Go to the 'Daily Prophet' section on the list on the left. Then, click on 'Play the New Harry Potter 20Q™ game' and answer the questions the computer asks you. You have to imagine you are a character (person, thing, object, etc.) and the computer will ask you questions to find out who you are. Write down all the questions and answers and say who won the contest, either you or the computer.

Unit 4: Hurricanes
Activity: Read 'The History of Hurricanes' and answer the following questions: Where do hurricanes form? How do they form? What is their minimum speed? For how long have scientists been studying hurricanes? Find one example from before the 20th century, and another example from recent times.

Unit 5: Patch Adams
Activity: Who are the people at Doctor Clown? What do they do? Where are they from? Go to the ‘Hey Kids’ section and choose three different doctors. Explain their characteristics. Which one would you choose?

Unit 6: Climbing Mount Everest
Activity: Go to the 'Games/Trivia' section, then click on "Games/Crosswords'. Go to the 'Trivia Tests' and answer any of the Tests #2-5. Write down all of the questions and your answers. What was your score?

Unit 7: A New Idea?
Activity: Select one tattoo from each category (Colour, Blackwork, Tribal, Artwork) and describe it carefully. Talk about body placement, colouring, shapes, images and what kind of people you think wear them. Would you get one like these? Why or why not?

Unit 8: Monsters Around the World
Activity: Go to 'The Shadow Lands' Pages' and choose one monster from each section. Explain what it is and where it comes from. Who saw it and when? Are there any pictures? Do you think this monster exists?

Unit 9: A Dream Machine
Activity: Where was this machine invented? What is it used for? How can you use it? Who is still experimenting with it? Do you think this invention really works? Would you buy one? How much money would you pay?