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Bachillerato 2 Activities: Grammar, vocabulary and listening activities
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Other Useful Material

Student's Book Appendices - Basque
Student's Book Appendices - Galician

Internet Links

Unit 1: Health
The Fat Man Walking
Fitting Walking into Your Life (How Stuff Works)
Walking for Fitness
Bacteria and Foodborne Illness

Unit 2: Jobs
Michael Sessions: An Interview
'Go-getter,' 18, Ousts Mayor in Michigan (USA Today)
The Kids Hall of Fame: 18- and 19-Year-Old Inductees

Unit 3: Shopping
"Re-homing" in the Internet Age
Oh, Lovely ... Now How Can I Get Rid of Them? (Times)
Confessions of a Shopaholic (Mirror)
Teen Upkeep Costs £1,000 a Year (ITN)

Unit 4: Relationships
Amish Teens Tested in 'Devil's Playground'
Amish Beliefs, Culture & Lifestyle
How the Amish Work (How Stuff Works)
The Green Belt Movement: Wangari Maathai

Unit 5: Tourism
Journeys into Understanding (Guardian)
Dark Tourism Forum
The Dungeons
Ground Zero and the Phenomena of 'Dark Tourism'
A Titanic Dive to Remember (BBC News)

Unit 6: Celebrations
The History of Carnival
Brazil: Travel Guide and Photos