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Bachillerato 1 Activities: Grammar, vocabulary and listening activities.
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Workbook Listening Practice Scripts
Student's Book Appendices - Basque
Student's Book Appendices - Galician

Web Extras

Page 5: Popular British Celebrities
Page 12: Beauty - The Ugly Truth
Page 17: The Secret Life of Melita Norwood
Page 24: Choose Your Job Carefully
Page 29: Review of Cool Runnings
Page 30: Strange Sports
Page 41: Saving the World's Natural and Cultural Landmarks
Page 48: Building Trivia
Page 53: RSPCA
Page 59: Endangered Animals
Page 65: Weird Weather
Page 71: A Force of Nature
Page 77: The Race to the South Pole
Page 81: Capsule Hotels
Page 89: Preparing for College in the USA
Page 90: Honesty Boxes
Page 101: UK Entertainment Museums
Page 105: Walt Disney