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Bachillerato 1 Activities: Grammar, vocabulary and listening activities
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Other Useful Material

Student's Book Appendices - Basque
Student's Book Appendices - Galician
Crossword Puzzles

Internet Links

Unit 1: The Way We Learn
Tapping into Multiple Intellegences
Multiple Intelligence Profiles
MI Immersion
What are Multiple Intelligences? - with test

Unit 2: The Perfect Date
How Valentine's Day Works (How Stuff Works)
25 Things to Do on a First Date
Teen Date Ideas: Dinner or a Movie? (blog)

Unit 3: Have You Heard?
Gossip and Rumors: Why Do People Do It?
Daily Celebrity Gossip (Teen Today)

Unit 4: Who We Are?
Twins World
Famous Parents of Multiples

Unit 5: Against All Odds
Survive Anything: Your Ultimate Guide to Disaster
22 Steps to Save Yourself When Natural Disaster Hits
Natural Disasters (National Geographic)

Unit 6: Women and Sport
100 Greatest Female Athletes (CNNSI)
Happy "National Girls and Women's Sports Day"!
History of Women in Sports Timeline
Women's Field of Dreams Takes a Worldwide Stage (CNNSI)
Women Gain Equalm Money in Season's Final Event (Independent)

Unit 7: People and Products
The Left Hand
Anything Left Handed
Famous Left-Handers
Left Handers' Day

Unit 8: Outer Space
The Great Moon Hoax
The Tasaday Hoax (BBC)
Famous Hoaxes Throughout History

Unit 9: The World of Crime
Game Show Traps 'Wanted' Guests (BBC News)
Crimewatch (BBC)
1 in 4 Teenage Pupils Confess to Crime (Guardian)
Terror Teens Named and Shamed (CBBC)
Taming the Teenage Drinker (Reuters blogs)